Sofia Vergara called a ‘horror’ by friends of her ex-fiance

Now that Sofia Vergara is officially single and ready to mingle having called it quits with her fiance Nick Loeb, his friends are starting to say some really nasty things about the Modern Family star. Of course none of this would preclude any of oh, say, maybe 80 or 90 million other guys willing to take his former spot on her arm.

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“She’s a horror,” a source tells Page Six.

“I saw her throw his cellphone out a car window on the way to the hotel.”

“She refused to stand in a [photo] with him for the cameras [at the press conference]. She could not stand sharing the limelight.”

“She only joins the conversation if it’s about her.”

And finally, “I wouldn’t say ‘bitch’ — but…I’m happy to see her go. Good riddance.”

Okay, fine. I’LL put MY personal emotions aside and submit myself to her flights of fancy and selfishness and date Sofia Vergara thus taking the pressure off any other men out there who might be considering going out with her, but are now frightened. That’s just the kind of hero I am. You’re welcome, America.


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