Theory: Justin Bieber and Amanda Bynes are gradually switching lives

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Are Justin Bieber and Amanda Bynes in the process of swapping lives? The conspiracy theorist and Bieber-loather in me believes that to be exactly the case. Sure, this might be a reach, but bear with me here.

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According to Radar Justin Bieber told his manager Scooter Braun over the weekend in Panama that he wants to take a break from music and open a tattoo parlor with his dad Jeremy. Seems like a logical career move.

And according to TMZ, “Amanda’s been working out a ton lately — hitting the gym and doing some power walking — and she’s also slowly erasing a pair of angel wings from her right forearm.” And they have the pictures to show it fading away on her arm.

So basically as Amanda’s life is being methodically put back together and as her angel wings tattoo has been gradually disappearing, Justin Bieber’s life has been slowly spiraling down the drain. When that tattoo is full erased, look out Biebs.

See? Not so crazy now, am I?

And here just last week we were thinking that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus were the same person. Wow, were we ever off.

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