The 20 Best Fraternity Parties in America

Kappa Sigma: Bahamas — Washington and Lee University

Why it's great: “This year our Bahama's party featured a 60 foot water slide, 10 fiesta flotillas, and nearly 500 eager day chaying students. The party was located behind the Pole houses of W&L along the Maury River in central Virginia. The river provides a three mile float that ends directly behind our off campus home. Rope swings, floating docks, and tree jumps into the river provide excellent drunk accomplishments as well as hilarious fails. Over 100 tiki torches and a full sized above ground pool were all purchased specifically for the event. In addition the deck behind the home holds nearly 100 people and was a crazy dance floor. The scenery itself is why the party is so big every year. The far rock wall is prime for scaling and jumping off. There were 10 kegs and nearly 3000 dollars worth of alcohol distributed river side and on our top deck. Huge party, lots of people, great weather, and a lot of booze.”


Chi Phi's 'Lost' — University of Georgia


Why it's great:   “Now it's in a field and like a mini-music festival, but the 2012 party with Ghostland Observatory was one of the finest Athens has ever seen back when Chi Phi was in its old house. This year's party featured Keller Williams, Afroman, and Gramatik.”


ATO’s Menage Tau – Indiana University

Why it's great: “Every brother of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity at Indiana University in Bloomington brings two dates to Ménage Tau. Every person attending this elegant soirée is wearing lingerie. The rooms are decorated with deep red and purple, and lighting is kept very dim. Body shot stations are set up in each room as well as an ice luge featuring an assortment of high end alcohol.”

“Every brother invites two dates. Each date must dress in as little clothes as possible. We spend about 12,000-15,000 dollars each year on the party. The girls are picked up in a stretch hummer and brought to the back of the house where pledges dressed as chip n dales escort the women to their dates. From there the brother and his two dates drink from the champagne fountain in the formal. The night only gets better from there. Body Shots, threesomes, and much more magic follows.”


FIJI Islander — UW-Madison

Why it's great: “I was the Islander Chair: We had an 800 person PRIVATE guest list. Had Gorilla Zoe in 2012 and DotEXE in 2013. 7 Tons (14,000) lbs of sand in the basement. A ton of people, but there is security so not everyone can get in. Brothers handle invites so the ratio is great. Handles and beer everywhere. Great dance music, gorilla Zoe in 2012 and dotEXE last year. Great decorations and lights.”

“Where do I begin? Six tons of sand, a waterfall, insane musical performances, a thousand people (most of them gorgeous girls), enough alcohol for the apocalypse, and sponsored by Red Bull… Only so many people can be packed into the house and the grounds, so invitations quickly become a hot commodity. Jesus, the clean-up from this thing takes weeks. It's sheer ridiculousness.”







AEPI Splashbash — University of Maryland

Why it's great: “One of the craziest parties a Maryland frat throws. Paint party, 1,500 people, great DJs, 6 years running, tons of paint, wet girls, beach balls, glow in the dark stuff, paint blasters. Think Blackout Party but so, so, so much better.”

“Splashbash is a great party because wherever paint, alcohol, and electronic music too loud to carry a conversation are located you will find college students willing to make bad decisions.  For the most part it's a lot like dayglow in that it's very freshmen heavy.  It takes place at fur nightclub most of the time. It's an open event as long as you pay for a ticket, which is nice as opposed to parties in college park which are closed to gdi's or you have to know someone in the fraternity to get in. It's also sort of a rush tool for Aepi which deters a lot of upperclassmen from going.”

“I just went to splash bash at AEPi and my clothes got so messed up with paint. It was the best night of my life!””

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SAE Kappa Beach — Syracuse University

Why it's great: “Beach themed initiation party for Kappa spring pledge class. Exclusively for SAE and Kappa. Kappa is known as the best sorority on campus. The girls come wearing little to nothing. SAE only has 65 brothers so it is an incredible guy to girl ratio. SAE doesn't have a huge house so everyone is closer and all over each other. The smaller house also allows for an incredible set up. Tons of sand covering the entire floor, waterfall down the stairs, pool, tiki-bar, paper mache volcano with smoke machine inside of it, all of the walls are covered by white bedsheets then spray painted over by talented guys in the fraternity, front porch is turned into a cabana by covering the outsides with white bedsheets and putting couches and a hammock outside and there is a stripper pole on a platform and a roped cage on a platform on dancefloor. A tradition is one brother dresses up in a black rope and silver body paint and performs the “dance with the devil”. The song sex, drugs and house is played while the brother sings the song and everyone rages. In the pool girls wrestle and give brothers lap dances (before my time I heard they had taken their tops off).”


Tailgating – University of Iowa


Why it's great: “Tailgate party before Iowa vs University of Northern Iowa football game, Fall 2012. A closed off parking lot packed shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of people and mountains of kegs. We combine for the biggest tailgate in the country at the newly crowned number one party school in the nation. Last year we had over 40 kegs and hundreds of gallons of jungle juice every week. The party starts before 7am and all the kegs are emptied before the game starts when all greek life takes over downtown Iowa City where the bar scene is absolutely nuts during the games.”


Kappa Sigma Island Orgy at University of Arkansas

Why it's great: “All day/night rager where the booze never runs out and the girls don't stop pouring in. The whole house, yard and apartments (seperate building on the property for juniors/seniors KEs to live) is decked out like an island.The day party consists of enough crawfish/gumbo to feed a small army and enough beer to kill that small army. As well as corn hole and volleyball all in our back yard. Brice Lee played for us on the stage last year. The night party is a bigger concert that has included yung joc and juicy j this year.”


FIJI Islander — University of Delaware

Why it's great: “Huge day drink after a week of raising money for our philanthropy, island themed, girls get lays, blaring music and natty lights all day, volcano funnel, ice luge, hired DJ, packed back yard, lines for entry down the street. Hundreds of cases of beer, sun-dresses, beer bongs, ice luges. This is just a glimpse of what happened during FIJI islander in Spring 2012. When they place “Shout”, by the Isley Brothers, it inspired a massive beer shower/fight. It happens at every day drink that you find FIJI brothers at from UD. I don't know what it is about that song. The rest of the day went along with beer bongs from our volcano beer bong tower. Ice luge races with girls, each of them fighting just to get a pair of free Knockarounds. It was just an awesome day full of just alcohol driven chaos. Always is and forever will be.”

“Every year, our chapter hosts a week long philanthropy event called “FIJI Islander,” a tradition for every FIJI chapter. The week was sponsored by Knockaround Sunglasses and Monster and the festivities included volleyball and flag football where each sorority competed for a chance to win various prizes. This year we donated our proceeds to The USO. To celebrate a successful week, everything culminates into one of the biggest day drinks of the year. The dager had performances by Phlobus, more than 100 cases, and a working Volcano decked out with Beer Bongs. All the guests received a pair of Knockaround Shades and a bit of a sunburn. As seen in the pictures, it went pretty well.”


SAE Jungle Party at University of Arizona

Why it's great:  “What you get when you have 150 guys 600 girls and 65,000 gallons of water? The answer is Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Jungle party. In a school that is famous for its pool parties, there is one that still reigns supreme. Jungle party is an elaborately operation that takes weeks to put build and put together. It's complete with an extravagant tree house, waterfall, swim-up bar, a massive stage, and a variety of other decorations that leave you feeling like you're really in the Amazon. The girls are guaranteed stay wet from the moment they enter the party through the water slide until the moment they leave. he brothers of SAE had their choice between hundreds of hot girls rocking nothing but their bikinis and sunglasses. At some point during this blowout, almost every man there had to stop and ask themselves, “Did I die and go to heaven?”

“1. The ratio…there's about 170 guys in my fraternity and we had 600 girls lined up to get into Jungle Party. Talk about girls fighting over guys.

2. You're partying with 170 of your best friends. You know EVERY guy at the party, so you can go as crazy as you want.

3. Pledges build the whole thing (takes months), and clean it up afterwards (also takes months). And still totally worth it.”

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Sigma Chi during Roundup – University of Texas

Why it's great: Via our buddy YoniSigma Chi threw one of the craziest parties I have ever performed at this past year at round up. Immediately when i stepped on stage, the energy of the crowd took over the place. They took raging to a whole new level. Not to mention that texas girls are the hottest. Check out how crazy it got here:”


TDX Beach Party at Union College

Why it's great: “This 24 hour rager is the most magical frat party of the year at Union College. Every spring term, TDX throws their traditional “Beach Party Banger” in late May (due to our trimester schedule) over our school's Alumni Weekend. Early in the morning around 7 AM the youngest TDX brothers (we rush in the fall so there are no spring pledges) are dumping truckloads of sand onto their backyard completely covering the area to give it that beachy feel. They also set up an above ground pool (not a blow up a kiddie pool a legit above ground pool) for people to take their chances in. There are a good 50 people in that pool at a time and I saw at least five guys banging the shit out of some girls in it this past year. They also get a DJ to play at the event that goes all day and all night. The party starts whenever the boys are done setting up so usually around 10 AM and it goes until campus safety shuts it down (usually around 4 AM). At this year's past beach party at around 3 AM, one of my friend's was up on the DJ stage and campus safety came up to her specifically and told her that she had to leave, she asked why just her and they said “we have heard from multiple people around here that you are the life of the party”, she applauded campus safety for their reasoning. This is the one party that campus safety understands/accepts that it has no control over, nor do they want to even try and tame it. They just let us do what all college kids should be doing for once in our lives. You also can't beat the weather at that time of year, which a lot of other schools don't get to take advantage of but we do with trimesters. With that being said, students usually have friends come up and visit since everyone else is out of school by then so their is an abnormal amount of people at this party on top of the alumni that are back for the weekend reliving their glory days. I've run into so many random people from my high school at this party in the past years that I'm starting to think they don't even know anyone at Union, but know of the party and just come for it. Of course, the fraternity goes all out with providing alcohol, thanks to their charitable alumni helping their cause. There are endless coolers of TDX's infamous “blackout punch” (nobody will ever know the secret to it, nor do I think we want to know) and of course there are kegs on kegs, which the alumni are very good at making sure of. There is also an abundant amount of drugs being taken and passed around throughout the day and night. The whole student body gets decked out in their finest beach attire and bring all the beach accessories/necessities and end the school year with a bang in the most suiting setting. This is the most fun day/night frat party of the year hands down…”


ATfOam — Bloomsburg University Block Party

Why it's great:  “This event is great because we cram 1300 people into the gravel parking lot behind our frat house, and blast them with a full capacity foam machine. Add that to the beautiful women, HUGE party stage, concert concert sound system & professional DJs, and you have one hell of a fraternity party.”


Kappa Sigma Margaritaville — University of Kansas

Why it's great: “It starts off on a Monday afternoon with thousands of lbs of sand being delivered to the front door. At first, it's mostly just freshman filling up sand bags and walking them down to our fratio and making an outline of the pool. As the week goes on more and more brothers are outside helping build this pool and everyone is having a great time, it really becomes a bonding experience for everyone. So after three or four days of filling sand bags and the walls of the pool are high enough we put one tarp down, layer the bottle of the pool with sand and then another tarp and begin filling it with water. So the day of the party rolls around (usually on stop day) and the massive inflatable slip and slide, and water slide are delivered and inflated. So onto the party part, this is never an open party, and the actual rules are that you have to invite 2+ girls (we have 70-75 guys living in house, and 20-25 active out of house guys, so that's a solid 300 people at the party with a great girl to guy ratio.) Around 2 is when the party gets going, people are starting to get drunk (open bar), and most bros have been pregaming since 10 so everyone's drunk having a good time doing god knows what. (Day always flies by as time does when you're wasted). So around 5 or so you have a bunch of half naked drunk girls and you yourself are hammered hanging out with them and your bros. Now in our fraternity house we basically have group showers, and during the last few years there has been “shower parties.” Needless to say this party cannot be described as you really must be there in order to enjoy it. Hope it entertains you all.”

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Pi Kappa Alpha Volcano Party – University of Arizona

Why it's great: “PIKE's best part of the year at UA. Pools, waterfalls, ice luges, and the most ratchet girls in Tucson.”


MT. DKE/Medieval — Vanderbilt University

Why it's great: “ Known for their famous “Build Parties,” no other party on campus rivals DKE’s premier spring build, Mount DKE. Welcome to the slopes, bitches. Transforming the entire house both inside and out into a giant snowscape, it’s hard for sorostitues to imagine that they are stepping foot into a fraternity house.

Some of the main attractions include a the entrance where a massive mountain is built cloacking the front of the house, enough elevated surfaces to satisfy any rager, a 10 foot tall faux mountain triple hosed beer bong, neon rivers and waterfalls, a foam pit (what happens in the foam pit stays in the foam pit), a DJ fully decked out in a yeti costume spinning from an iceberg, and of course, sexy sorority girls in retro ski wear.

Rumor has it they dropped 30k for their banger last march, half of which when completely to lighting and sound. Past performers include White Panda, Mimosa, Fareoh and Dunye West and apparently they are bringing in Krewella for Mt. DKE 2014.”


Sigma Chi's Reggae Sunsplash Party — San Diego State University

Why it's great:  “Largest annual social event at SDSU, easily one of the sickest day parties in Southern California, according to Playboy. All the hottest girls on campus come out for it. Multiple pools, tiki huts, awesome tunes, and chicks chillin' in bikinis all day long in the sunshine.”


Sigma Nu Woodstock – Ole Miss

Why it's great: “4,000 people all tye-dyed and, 8,000 cases. A never ending stock of booze in almost every room, all you can eat crawfish, a band next to the pool, and of course the pool itself (full of the worst things imaginable in life by the end of the day).”


Pi Kappa Phi Glow — USC

Why it's great: 

“This shit was fucking absurd. No two ways about it. They brought in an entire club worth of sound and lights and whatnot into their parking lot and some DJ named Tim Mason who is apparently getting popular. Shit was poppin off all night, sluts were everywhere, girls from UCLA, Pepperdine, LMU, you name it were there. Line was around the block. There was stage diving, champagne spraying and to put the cherry on top they had a fucking LAPD helicopter shut it down at 2AM, yes a helicopter I shit you not. Its all in the video.”

“The party was absolutely insane. Pi Kapp flew in Tim Mason, a DJ from England, and the guy was going crazy up on stage. Pounding shots and going fucking wild. People came from everywhere for this party. Not talking about just USC or UCLA people but I met some girls from Nor Cal that drove down for the night to attend this party. There were thousands packed into the parking lot, neon lights flashing, and the music bumping. Dance platforms were everywhere and they were filled to the brim with people. Handle pulls, champagne showers, it was chaos. The parking lot was transformed into a rave. I ran up on stage and started going nuts. I grabbed a champagne bottle and proceeded to shake it and shower it over the crowd. They all went nuts. There was even a midget who the brothers put in a floating raft and then threw across the crowd. That little guy was nursing a bottle of Jack the entire time and was going nuts like the midget from Project X. I can't even describe the hangover I had the next morning it was that bad. Best fucking party ever.”

“It rages like no ones business. Massive amount of beautiful ladies coming from all over the west to rage face. Large stage setups. Platforms. Girls that love to dance. Neon. 100 times better than your average rave.”

“The best production I have ever seen. A helicopter came to shut the event down. Risk manager “managed” by taking handle pulls and spraying the crowds with vodka. So many hangovers and stories for days.”


ZBTahiti during Roundup — University of Texas

Why it's great: “Round-Up. These two words symbolize the greatest party weekend at the University of Texas, and possibly any college campus in the country. Round-Up Weekend is full of neon clothes, old school rappers, crawfish boils, and extremely intoxicated hot girls. Sometimes all the stars align for a day party, and 2012 ZBT Tahiti was one of those times. Just watch the video and you will understand.” 



Runners up: 

Sigma Pi #Buckfest — THE Ohio State University

Phi Psi Frost — University of Southern California

AEPi Paint Party — University of Southern California

Kappa Sig Annual Ski Party — University of Denver

ZBTahiti — ZBTahitiSyracuse University

Phi Psi 500 — Cornell University