Georgia Tech Student’s LED Matrix Graduation Cap Reminds Me That I Learned Nothing In College

This Georgia Tech bro wanted a custom graduation cap, but instead of going on Etsy or getting his artsy younger sister to do it he created his own using the knowledge he’d gained in college. If we’re being perfectly honest here I’ve already forgotten the vast majority of the things I learned in college because I don’t use it on a daily/weekly/yearly basis. In fact, since I left FSU I’m pretty sure I haven’t used Econometrics and/or Physiological Psychology once, and if I did I definitely had no idea those skills/principles were in play.

Here’s what this redditor TrumpetH4X‘s 32×32 matrix LED grad cap displays:

I had the idea to install a 32×32 LED matrix on the top of my mortarboard, with scrolling messages about my time at Georgia Tech. In between messages, I have my cap display a total of six different animated gifs. I’ve shortened the original duration of the displayed text messages in the video attached, but have a look!

• Georgia Tech’s “Miracle on Techwood Drive” vs. FSU
• GT Band parading before a home football game
• The Georgia Tech Solar Racing Team’s car on campus
• The 2014 Capital One Orange Bowl logo
• Waving GT flag
• “The Kick” by Harrison Butker against uga during 2014

The dude above is clearly an engineer (the fact that he went to Georgia Tech gave it away), and even if he doesn’t go into the field as a working engineer I’m still impressed that he’s walked out of college with a tangible skill. Meanwhile all I left college with the ability to make a mean Cuba Libre and a vast knowledge of steroids, a knowledge I didn’t gain from any textbook. It’s needless to say that but me and this dude apparently had VERY different college experiences.

(h/t Someecards via Reddit)