This Idaho State University Professor Literally Shot Himself In The Foot During Class

by 5 years ago

The most exciting thing that ever happened to me during a college class was the time some poor girl tripped on the stairs leading to the front of the room and did a sort of somersault-tumble-thing for a few feet before hitting a desk. Was the entire room dead silent through all of this? Yes. But was it really, really hard not to laugh? Obviously. The students at Idaho State University had a slightly more entertaining class on Tuesday when a chemistry professor accidentally shot himself in the foot…literally.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant McCoy said that a professor with an enhanced concealed carry permit had accidentally discharged his weapon and was injured, although the injury was not believed to be life-threatening.
The Idaho State Journal said that the professor was teaching a chemistry class, when he got shot in the foot.
Pocatello Police Lieutenant Paul Manning said that the instructor was carrying a pistol in his pocket that went off unexpectedly. The injured man was taken to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello.
ISU president Arthur Vailas called the accident “unfortunate.”
“I’m sure the incident was scary and embarrassing,” he told the State Journal.
McCoy said the results of the investigation are pending, but the professor — who police declined to name — could face charges for discharging a weapon within city limits.

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You can just hear the freshmen walking around campus talking about how a teacher accidentally shot himself in the middle of lecture. Just like how they walk around talking about “that kid” who got hit by a campus bus, how they got lost 30 seconds after leaving their dorm and how they just ate cheesesteaks for every meal this past week just because…oh wait, maybe that last one was just me.

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