I’m Shmacked Issues an Official Response to the University of Delaware’s Ridiculousness Last Night

To All of the I'm Shmacked fans, friends and followers,

We at I'm Shmacked & All Axcess have nothing but the utmost appreciation for all your support through our efforts to memorialize, document and celebrate your prestigious universities' traditions and history. The response to our shows has been nothing but humbling and words cannot describe our gratitude. We attempt to bring the prestige and unity of the college lifestyle to your doorstep via our videos and events – which is why we have arranged a fall bus tour visiting just a few of the esteemed universities throughout the nation.

Our fall tour events have been and will continue to be presented in a safe, secure, and most importantly fun fashion. In order to maintain safety & operate in accordance with state and local laws/authorities, we have ensured that all our officially sanctioned events take place at third-party venues and work hand in hand with management/staff/security to leave little room for error or mishaps and ensure that all state and local laws and ordinances are adhered to. We are not in the business of encouraging any illegal or immoral activity at our events and aim to do just the opposite, as we put all of our efforts in presenting entertaining and exciting events infused with DJ's, special performers, and unique merchandise for all students in attendance.

To address recent events of September 9, 2013, the I'm Shmacked Tour made an impromptu stop in Newark, Delaware on its way to the next tour stop in Roselle, New Jersey. This Delaware “stop” was neither scheduled on the fall tour (which can be accessed at www.allaxcesstour.com ) nor was it announced an officially Sanctioned event, similar to our prior events at predetermined third-party venues in accordance with I'm Shmacked and All Axcess mantra. Our tour bus stopped in Newark to make an overnight stop in a city with a student body for which we esteem and have the utmost respect. Acts were later committed that were not endorsed, encouraged and were quite reprehensible as we were later informed that individuals were posing as “I’m Shmacked” representatives. We regret any association with these destructive events; but did not, nor would ever, encourage or participate in such destructive actions. 

We can only promise that we will continue to do what we have done since the beginning of this tour, which has held 8 awesome & successful events to date, for which we have positive testimonials about how our events were conducted, without any issue, including:

Date                                             City                             Venue
August 28, 2013                         GREENVILLE, NC           STILL LIFE
August 29, 2013                         GREENVILLE, NC           RUM REPUBLIC
August 31, 2013                         NASHVILLE, TN              SEEN
September 3, 2013                     OXFORD, OHIO               THE WOODS
September 4, 2013                     MORGANTOWN, WV     ROCK TOP
September 5, 2013                     CHAPEL HILL, NC          PULSE
September 6, 2013                     RALEIGH, NC                  STILL LIFE
September 7, 2013                     WASHINGTON, DC         ECHOSTAGE
September 11,2013                      ROSELLE, NJ                 MISTER EAST

I'm Shmacked and All Axcess extend their sympathy to those affected by recent events and can only do our best to ensure that this does not happen again. We are determined to continue celebrating your universities traditions and past times with our events, videos, and messages. I'm Shmacked is here to stay and we appreciate your support through our journey.

I'm Shmacked + All Axcess

Probably as good of a time as ever to remind our readers that going to college is not an excuse for acting like an idiot.

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