Keene State Students Turn Pumpkin Festival Into Riot Because Who Doesn’t Get Fucking Fired Up About Gourds?

This weekend was the town of Keene, New Hampshire’s annual pumpkin festival, which college students at nearby Keene State University decided to turn into a riot.

Because how else do you properly show your appreciation to the deities of fall without flipping a few fucking cars and setting them on fire?

The gourd lords would be pleased. People partied in the town Friday night for the festival, but it was Saturday when things got out of hand.


This poor Bro, in what appears to be a Wizards jersey, got hit with a bottle.

In response to a multitude of 911 calls, the town deployed a SWAT team, armed with tear gas.


Watch these scared kids flee when they realized being arrested is a real possibility.

A longer video of the riot can be seen here. The SWAT team arrives at the two-minute mark. Of course, the tear gas came out.

It could be seen throughout town.

According to, 14 people were arrested, while 20 were hospitalized with injuries.

By Sunday morning, order had been restored in the town.

Despite not being directly affiliated with the pumpkin party, the school’s president issued a statement.

“We are mindful that Keene State students played a part in this behavior and we intend to hold those individuals accountable for their actions,” school president Anne Huot wrote in a statement. “We deplore the actions of those whose only purpose was to cause mayhem…We can expect that the promotion by individuals and organizations of Keene and the Pumpkin Festival as a destination for destructive and raucous behavior, will only increase. And we are certain that the negative behavior will continue if nothing changes.”

Still, this behavior has nothing on the ladies at Starbucks fighting to get their PSLs.


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