Lunatic Attempts A Beer Pong Dunk From The Second Story But I’m Pretty Sure It Was Just A Suicide Attempt

Beer Pong Dunk (n): The act of leaping across a a table while playing beer pong to slam the ping pong ball into the cup often resulting in persoanal injury, damaged tables, and a lack of self respect.

Suicide Attempt (n): The act of leaping from a second story bannister with a ping pong ball in your mouth with no discernible interest in dunking the ball in a red solo cup, only motivated to end your life.

I thought it may be beneficial to distinguish the difference between the two, considering sometimes the lines can get hazy. Whichever the goal was here, I think it’s accurate to say it was a failure on both accounts. But sometimes failure breeds success, and this dude will now live in the internet archives for all of eternity. That should soften the blow of his shattered hip.

Angle 2:


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