Teen Graduates From High School And College In The Same Day And Imagine That Graduation Party

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One of my life regrets (and there are countless) is that I didn’t make the most of all my free time during high school and college. I think back to the hours spent doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and it makes present day me cringe. DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE, YOUNGER ME!

Azariya McClendon, a 17-year-old girl from Louisiana, will probably never look back at her youth with regret. McClendon made the most of her free time in high school. She spent those hours studying and graduated from college on the same damn day.

This past Saturday, McClendon received her associates degree from Bossier Parish Community College in the afternoon and graduated from Ringgold High School that evening. Then it was probably ON back at the McClendon house!

McClendon started taking college courses as a freshman in high school and finished all her high school curriculum as a sophomore. When she wasn’t crushing curriculum, McClendon played basketball, softball and was on the cheerleading squad.

McClendon plans on attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to major in biology, medical school at LSU-S, and then become an OBGYN. At this rate, she’ll probably finish all that by the end of the month.

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