UC Berkeley Facebook Page Helps Students Locate the Stranger They Drunkenly Banged Last Night

The university, or someone who goes there, has created a UC Berkeley Hook Ups Facebook page dedicated to helping students locate the person they hooked up with when they were drunk. Seems like a great idea.

According to Campus Reform

The highly organized page, entitled “UC Berkeley Hook-Ups,” has already proven to be a hit among Berkeley's famously free-spirited student population. Since its launch on Feb 19, it has already scored 1,784 likes and nearly daily usage.

“This page is specifically designed to help the fellow drunk locate his/her Berk town hookup,” the about section of the page says. “If you recognize you or your story post message me with your number. 

This idea is obviously great/hilarious but the actual submissions are as fantastic as you'd imagine them to be. 

Oh yeah, my offspring will fit in nicely on this campus. 

Go see more of these “whore searching for whore” status updates here.

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[H/T Campus Reform]