UConn Students Cheer ‘Rape Trail’ During a Timeflies Concert


As if cheering for rape isn't messed up enough, a number of assults have been reported in the woods near the UConn campus since Timeflies led the chant. Here's the report via the Huffington Post:  

Since the Timeflies show,  assaults have been reported in the woods near the UConn campus: 

Several high-profile attempted assaults on the “rape trail” havetaken place during that annual UConn celebration.

A few days after the Timeflies concert, a two female students reported to the Connecticut State Police that they had been sexually assaulted in “a wooded area” by two men they met at a party, according to a campus-wide email from the UConn administration that was shared with The Huffington Post.

Fortunately, not all UConn students are proud of this blatant act of hive-mind college douchebaggery. Writing on his personal blog, recent UConn graduate Brian Zahn weighed in on just how embarassing this is for the school

If students were truly concerned about the possibility of rapists hiding behind the trees, there would not be cheers. There would be dead silence. Instead, the “rape trail” has been embraced as part of UConn’s culture, a jokey reference to the things that make us Huskies. Sexual assaults have occurred on the trail. This is something students vocally supported by cheering. The verse was supposedly performed in good humor, but I wonder when we, as UConn students and alumni, began to view sexual assault as a punchline, and not as a serious problem.

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