Unemployed Student Calls Out Shitty Employers on Craigslist With a Post On Craigslist

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Save for starting his/her Craigslist post off with a first-sentence typo this student’s rant to employers is pretty spot on. Finding a job when you graduate (or when you’re unemployed) is one of the most demoralizing and frustrating things in the world. And if you’re not a classroom superstar or Ivy League graduate, chances are you have gone through these same struggles as well.

But it gets better. I promise.

It’s like wanting a girlfriend when you’re single and, at the time, it seems like no one wants you back. But then, after months of searching you finally get a girlfriend and suddenly everyone seems to be all up on your cock. They see that you have a girlfriend so you must not be a total shitbag. The same thing happens with employment, because from a recruiter’s standpoint your current employment is sexy, it means you must not be a total piece of shit. That’s why sometimes you have to suck it up and you take your first job which might pay you less than you’re worth, because that job will lead to higher-paying offers, bidding wars and interoffice romances.



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