The Social Justice Warriors Have Won: University Cancels Yoga Classes For Being Cultural Appropriation

The Social Justice Warriors (SJUs) of the Western Hemisphere have won the battle, but the P.C. War still rages on. A university has canceled all yoga classes after SJUs filed a formal complaint alleging the teaching of yoga is ‘cultural appropriation’ by the West. The email (excerpts below) is the latest in a string of incidents at Western Universities surrounding equality and safe space.

Instead of ignoring the asinine complaint and continuing to teach the yoga classes inside of the Centre for Students with Disabilities (classes were open to all students) they school just canceled yoga entirely and sent notification to all students affected.

BusinessInsider reports:

Jennifer Scharf, a yoga practitioner who has offered free weekly sessions to students at the University of Ottawa in Canada since 2008, said she was shocked to receive an abrupt message telling her the classes were to be suspended.
“I’d been in touch to prepare for the new semester’s classes when, out of nowhere, I received an email telling me there were some issues in terms of a formal complaint,” she told The Independent.
According to the Ottawa Sun, staff from the Centre for Students with Disabilities, where the classes were held for students of all abilities, wrote in an email: “While yoga is a really great idea and accessible and great for students…there are cultural issues of implication involved in the practice. Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately due to how it is being practiced”, and which cultures those practices “are being taken from”.
The email went on to say that because many of those cultures “have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy… we need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves while practicing yoga.”
Ms Scarf said she suggested a compromise by changing the name of the classes to suggest “mindful stretching”, but was rejected. “I think it’s easy to worry too much about accommodating everyone,” she said. “By saving one person’s feelings, we’re ruined the experience for so many others.”
Ms Scharf said she has had no response from the University itself, but remains optimistic that they will support her.
“It’s crazy that someone would find yoga offensive in the way we teach it. If you look at how, historically yoga has been so non-controversial, it’s a wonder nobody’s taking offense with kickboxing or spin class instead.”

She has a point about kickboxing, right? Heck, I’d like to see a copy of the menu at the University’s cafeteria. I for one am offended at there mere thought that they might be serving Italian or Asian on the menu. As a matter of fact, any instance of Eastern medicine on campus (echinacea, tiger balm, etc) needs to be banished because that is also cultural appropriation. Lacrosse? Nope, we stole that from the Native Americans. Soccer? Nope, needs to be removed from the University because it was invented in either England or China (the origin is under dispute)….I could keep going like this but you get the point.

For more on this story and the successes of Social Justice Warriors across the world you can CLICK HERE to head on over to Business Insider!

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