Construction Crew Digs Up 500LB WWII Bomb Beneath College And OH CRAP IT’S STILL LIVE

Bomb Squad

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If you’re digging in your backyard, or anywhere on your property, you’re supposed to “call before you dig.” Who are you ringing up? The local gas company to make sure you’re not going to accidentally dig right into a gas line and go BOOM!

But who are you supposed to call to make sure you don’t go digging and accidentally unearth a 500LB bomb that been laying dormant since the 1940s?

It sounds like a rough draft of an Expendables movie but it’s legit — a construction crew working at Middlesex Community College in New Jersey dug up a live bomb while breaking ground on the future home of the school’s enrollment center.

A team of U.S. Army engineers were called to the site trying to remove the weapon of mass destruction.  Members of a disposal unit from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst took the bomb back to base where it was detonated Thursday night.

So how the hell does a 500LB bomb get misplaced and buried under a school?

The bomb, which the college said was 38 inches long and 12 inches wide, dates to World War II. The college is built on a section of the former U.S. Army Raritan Arsenal, which closed in 1963.

The Army Corps has surveyed the former arsenal area extensively for years and has a long-range plan in place to excavate possible buried munitions it has located.

Officials say the bomb did not have a fuse and “did not pose any immediate danger when found.”


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