2 Chainz Gets To Drink $450K Tequila And I Didn’t Know It Was Possible To Be This Jealous

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It’s 2 Chainz’s world and we’re just living in it. He is a man that is truly living the dream and that’s never been more evident than in his latest adventure where he gets to sample tequilas worth $450K.

2 Chainz has made millions from his successful career in the music industry but he also gets paid to go around and sample the most expensive things on the planet for VICE in his series titled Most Expensivest. Here he gets to sample a collection of tequilas from Clase Azul, one of the finest tequila distilleries on the planet.

I included the Clase Azul Reposado in my recent ‘Best Tequilas of 2019‘ roundup for International Tequila Day because not every bottle they sell is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Clase Azul was founded 22 years ago in the kitchen at the founder’s mom’s house. This collection of 3 bottles that 2 Chainz gets to sample totals nearly half a million dollars and it includes Popol Vuh, The Amber, and The Celebration.

Here, the founder of Clase Azul breaks down what makes these tequilas so exquisite and I honestly didn’t know it was possible to be so jealous of someone as I am of 2 Chainz right now. I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted a tequila more than a few hundred bucks but here he is drowning in that glorious blue agave:

The thing that catches my attention the most about Clase Azul tequilas are the bottles. That’s obviously very intentional on their behalf. These bottles are stunning and unlike anything else you s see on shelves.

To check out Clase Azul Tequila yourself you can follow that link.

Looking for more from 2 Chainz? Here he is tasting a $10,000 Japanese Single Malt

And here’s 2 Chazin drinking a $2,500 cocktail:

I think it’s safe to say that life is pretty fucking good when you’re 2 Chainz. Not only does he get to sample the most expensive luxuries on the planet but he GETS PAID to do so. On top of that, he’s a multi-millionaire from his career in the music industry. This dude is truly living the dream.

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