These Are The Best Places To Work In America According To LinkedIn’s New Rankings

Amazon office building

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Are you looking for a new job? Or perhaps you want to see where your employer ranks amongst the best employers in America? Well, you can always shoot me an email about working here but I know that’s not what made you click this article. You came to see the best of the best of the best.

This is the 5th year of LinkedIn’s Top Companies in the U.S. list. They skipped last year’s list because of the rapidly changing workplace landscape twelve months ago. But the list is back and they just debuted it Amazon taking the top spot as the #1 company to work for in America.

Amazon ranked #1 on LinkedIn’s list certainly sits in direct contrast with public opinion over the past few months. There were reports that Jeff Bezos had a hired army of trolls defending Amazon from critics after reports of Amazon drivers peeing and pooping in bottles. That’s not exactly what I’d consider to be the best working conditions in the country but to each his own.

Here’s what the 2021 LinkedIn list of the Top Companies in the U.S. looks like:

  1. Amazon – Full-time headcount: 1,298,000
  2. Alphabet – Full-time headcount: 135,300
  3. JPMorgan Chase & Co. – Full-time headcount: 255,300
  4. AT&T – Full-time headcount: 247,800
  5. Bank of America – Full-time headcount: 213,000
  6. IBM – Full-time headcount: 345,900
  7. Deloitte – Full-time headcount: 334,800
  8. Apple – Full-time headcount: 160,000
  9. Walmart – Full-time headcount.: 2,300,000
  10. EY/Ernst Young – Full-time headcount: 299,000
  11. UnitedHealth Group – Full-time headcount: 330,000
  12. Accenture – Full-time headcount: 537,000
  13. Dell Technologies – Full-time headcount: 165,000
  14. Verizon – Full-time headcount: 132,200
  15. CVS Health – Full-time headcount: 300,000
  16. Raytheon Technologies – Full-time headcount: 195,000
  17. PwC – Full-time headcount: 284,000
  18. Comcast – Full-time headcount: 139,000
  19. Facebook – Full-time headcount: 52,500
  20. Keller Williams – Full-time headcount: 190,000

Some interesting takeaways from this list is that Facebook has considerably fewer employees than anyone else on the list. They are the only listed company with under 100,000 employees. Also, you can look at this list and quickly do some nitpicking. Amazon has 1,298,000 full-time employees and Walmart has 2.3 million FTE’s. You don’t have to work for those companies to know that they’re probably absolutely incredible places for people higher up the corporate food chain compared to workers down at the bottom.

For what it’s worth, Microsoft owns LinkedIn and Microsoft doesn’t appear anywhere on the LinkedIn rankings which go all the way to #50. SAP (Computer Software) is ranked in the 50th slot, by the way.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a workplace better than the rest but LinkedIn is sort of the de facto decider of all things workplace-related these days so while I don’t agree with their rankings I’ll accept that a lot of other people will. If you want to see their full report with the top 50 places to work in America, you can click right here.