This Musical Genius Has Made A BANGER Trap Remix Of ‘Agatha All Along’ From ‘WandaVision’

Agatha all along remix


I like to think of myself as quite a creative person. In my day-to-day job alone, I write articles, make memes, create social media content, produce a podcast, etc. But, while I am quite proud of my internal creative drive, there’s one area where my internet artistry is severely lacking: music.

Sure, I can write a 2,000-word review of a film or conceptualize and create a meme about WandaVision and Parasite, but when it comes to music, I’m essentially illiterate. I can not tell you who the most popular artist is right now (I’m assuming it’s still Drake?) or what the latest radio hit is.

Still, despite my glaring and obvious dearth of musical knowledge, I can tell you that this remix of “Agatha All Along” from the latest episode of WandaVision is an absolute BANGER. Just look at the joy on this man’s face as the beat drops — he *knows* he’s just produced that GAS. This song makes me want to just strut around town in my finest Salem swag, putting hexes on people left and right.

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Shout out to you, Leland Philpot (@lelandphilpot), as this quick 85-second-long clip got my week off to a fantastic start. Seriously, it’s almost impossible to A) listen to the beat and B) witness the joy on Leland’s face without cracking a smile of your own.

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