Florida Lacrosse Team Stunned By Alligator Crashing Practice

alligator on the grass

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An alligator in Florida crashed lacrosse practice. The Alonso High School lacrosse team was stunned as the juvenile alligator sauntered across the field like it owned the place.

I knew I had to write about this story the second I saw the video because I experienced a similar situation in high school in Florida. This incident went down during Alonso High School lacrosse practice. Alonso High School is about 60 miles north of where I went to HS but both areas are equally swampy.

One day between classes I stopped into the boy’s bathroom only to find an alligator about this size in the men’s room. Someone had left the door open and this was at ground level in an outdoor breezeway that’s just a stone’s throw away from a lake.

The presence of alligators nearby was known but finding a gator in the bathroom is still one of the biggest shocks of my lifetime.

Similarly, every player on the Alonso High School lacrosse team knows there are alligators in that area. There are ponds all over nearby the North Tampa high school. But nobody expected to see one walking across the field during practice.

This alligator crashing lax practice still has its stripes. But it looks like it’s in the process of losing them. Alligators typically lose their stripes at around 5 years old so I’d suspect this is around 3.5-4 years old.

The video was first shared by the Alonso HS Lacross Team Twitter account before making its way to the Orlando area news (above).

Their caption reads “First a Fish Falls from the sky, now a Gator comes to visit — looks like it’s time for a new Team Award!” And I’m going to need an explanation on ‘fish falls from the sky’ because that’s some WTFlorida news right there.

Alligator Crashes Lacrosse Practice

The team has two awards: the “Big Fish” POG which is awarded for the best defensive performance and a “Heart & Hustle” necklace awarded for the best hustle.

Based on that tweet above about awards, I assume an osprey (bird) dropped a fish on practice at some point which led to the custom game-day award. It seems like they’ll now be adding an alligator award for the players.

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