An Old Urban Legend About Disney World Is Not Only True, It’s Creepy AF

Legend People Scattering Ashes Disney World


There have been a lot of urban legends floating around over the years about various Disney Parks.

Some of them have turned out to be true, like the fact that Disney’s abandoned River Country water park is still just sitting there, a basketball court was built inside the Matterhorn at the top of the mountain, and the fact that Disney character actors used to share underwear (seriously).

And some of them are fabrications, like Mowgli’s Palace, that no one is allowed to die at a Disney Park, and the big one: Walt Disney’s frozen head is underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

One old urban legend that has been around for awhile is one that says people go to Disney World and scatter their loved ones’ ashes. Turns out that this rumor is not only true, it’s way worse than you can imagine.

We now know this because the Wall Street Journal has confirmed it.

When a manager radios for a “Code V” cleanup, it means a patron has vomited. “Code U” signals urine.

No code is kept more under wraps at Walt Disney World and Disneyland than the call for a “HEPA cleanup.” It means that, once again, a park guest has scattered the cremated ashes of a loved one somewhere in the park, and an ultrafine (or “HEPA”) vacuum cleaner is needed to suck them up.

Disney custodians say it happens about once a month.

Once a month?!

Urban Legend People Scattering Ashes Disney World


Human ashes have been spread in flower beds, on bushes and on Magic Kingdom lawns; outside the park gates and during fireworks displays; on Pirates of the Caribbean and in the moat underneath the flying elephants of the Dumbo ride. Most frequently of all, according to custodians and park workers, they’ve been dispersed throughout the Haunted Mansion, the 49-year-old attraction featuring an eerie old estate full of imaginary ghosts.

“The Haunted Mansion probably has so much human ashes in it that it’s not even funny,” said one Disneyland custodian.

Of course, Disney says “this type of behavior is strictly prohibited and unlawful. Guests who attempt to do so will be escorted off property.”

That being said, the next time you are at Disney World and the ride you are wanting to go on is closed due to “technical difficulties” maybe just go ahead and take a pass on that attraction.

When ash residue is discovered on a ride, Disney workers tell guests they must shut down due to “technical difficulties.” Then, a manager rides alone through the attraction looking for any ash piles while colleagues may hand out “Fast Passes” to assuage guests who must leave before the custodians turn up with their high-powered vacuums.

One final note, and an important one, Disney employees don’t always catch when this happens. In fact, they probably miss a lot of ashes, because none of the families interviewed by the Wall Street Journal believe workers at the park noticed them doing it.

Disney World: The creepiest place on Earth?

Urban Legend People Scattering Ashes Disney World


Read the entire creepy story here.

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