Artie Lange Is Out Of Jail And ‘Doing Really Well’ While Serving Community Service As A Garbage Man

Artie Lange has been pretty quiet on social media lately and has only tweeted out twice since January 29. That is actually good news because social media can be a depressing place and because the great stand-up comedian appears to be getting his life back in order.

Lange was sentenced to four years of probation in June after he pleaded guilty to possession of heroin when he was arrested in May of 2017. In December, the 51-year-old comedian tested positive for cocaine, which violated the terms of his probation. In January, Lange was sentenced to nearly two weeks in jail and is now enrolled in a drug court program.

Artie has been getting treatment for drug addiction and doing community service. One of the ways that Artie has been keeping busy is being a garbage man in New Jersey. A video of Artie working in the waste management field was RT’d by Lange’s Twitter account.

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“You’re going to keep this quiet, right, I’m sure,” said Lange who was dressed in a yellow vest as he hops on the back of a garbage truck. “Absolutely. No one will ever know,” the person taking the video responds. Then Artie flashes a peace sign and says, “I love you! Take care.”

Twitter user Russ Meneve shared the video with the caption: “Just spoke to one of my greatest friends, Artie Lange, who’s doin’ great in recovery and asked me to share this vid of him ‘on the job’!! He looks great and will be back soon. Stay tuned and keep rootin’ for a truly great human being…we love ya, Art.”

Whoever is running Artie’s Twitter account while he gets help RT’d the video with a message from Artie: “We heard from Artie this morning, ‘HA! It’s true I’m working to satisfy my drug court program. I work with great people. Nothing wrong with a little hard work. Love you all and can’t wait to be back on stage.’”

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An Essex County prosecutor said the former The Howard Stern Show sidekick began the drug court program in March, after he moved into a halfway house. The six-month regimen is supposed to be an intense program. Lange will be randomly drug tested and kept “under intensive supervision” until August.

“This program is going to force him to get clean,” a source close to Lange told Radar Online. “He has no choice. This is possibly the best thing that could’ve happened to him.”

On Friday, Artie’s rep told Page Six that “this is work Artie is doing as part of his [New Jersey] drug court case. He is working with a refuse company daily as he continues treatment.” The rep added that Lange is “doing really well.” This is fantastic news, hopefully, Artie keeps up with his recovery.

The comedian is recovering from a decades-old drug addiction that was so severe that Artie Lange’s nose became deformed. Artie was a star of HBO’s Crashing with Jud Apatow and Pete Holmes, but that comedy series was recently canceled.

Being a garbage man is nothing for Artie Lange because Baby Gorilla isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Getting dirty was the entire premise of his 1998 comedy Dirty Work starring Norm MacDonald and Chris Farley.

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