Woman Brought To Tears Reminiscing About Her Dead Brother’s Chance Meeting With Artie Lange

Comedian fan from New Jersey moved to tears after telling story about t-shirt she gave to Artie Lange.

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Artie Lange is currently known for his big nose, but he also has a big heart. A comedy fan was brought to tears on how Artie Lange connected her with her dead brother.

Artie Lange did an interview on the New Jersey 101.5 radio station with Steve Trevelise. A woman from Lavalette, New Jersey, called into the radio show.

In 2009, Artie was doing a stand-up performance at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco. A man was in charge of security at the club where Lange was performing. The guy’s sister sent him a t-shirt with her family’s liquor store on it. He put the liquor store t-shirt in the green room before Artie performed.

The security guard never knew if Artie actually got the t-shirt. Then Chris’ brother unexpectedly passed away in September of 2012.

On January 1st of 2015, Artie posted a photo on Facebook with his Howard Stern Show star Robin Quivers and Artie was wearing the liquor store t-shirt.

“If anybody ever sent me a local business, especially Jersey, I would try to wear the shirt,” Artie said.

Chris said it was a sign of her brother telling her: “I wasn’t the chucklehead you thought I was. See, he got your stuff.”

“You gave me the sign,” the woman said. “I want to thank you for that. I want to thank you for that.”

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Artie explained why this rehab is different than his other failed attempts of sobriety. “First of all, I have more consequences in my life than I ever had before,” Lange said. “If I screw up this time, there’s jail involved. At 52-years-old, I’m not beat for that anymore. I don’t feel like seeing my mom upset anymore. I’ve got great friends. I’m like, ‘Enough already man.'”

Artie joked that drugs did one positive thing in his life and saved him a lot of money because he didn’t get married because of his addiction.

Artie said his friends or fans aren’t the ones who will cause him to fall off the wagon. “The devil is not going to look like me with cocaine, the devil is gonna look like a hot chick with cocaine,” Artie quipped. “There’s a lot of guys dead and in jail because of women.”

“There’s a lot of predators out there. You gotta be strong,” Artie said. “I’m an adult, I can say no to stuff. I’m not one of these drug addicts that blame everyone around them for their problems. I gotta be strong and do what I gotta do.”

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Lange revealed that he has received a couple of offers from TV shows to fix his deformed nose on television. “I can breathe out of my nose,” Lange said. “I’ll get to that when I can.” Dr. Paul Nassif from the reality TV show Botched has offered to fix Artie Lange’s nose.

Artie Lange said his deformed nose is a “total reminder of the craziness of my life.”

Lange met a lot of young people in rehab, and Artie tried to talk them out of drugs. “I would say to these kids, ‘I’m 30 years older than you, I’m still in jail, I’m still in rehab, look at this nose bro,'” Lange warned the younger people in rehab. “I look like a boxer, I never boxed a day in my life.”

Artie’s own mother told him: “The first time she came to visit me in rehab, she said ‘I haven’t seen you in so long.'” I said, “Ma, I just saw you a month ago, you came to visit me.’ Artie’s mom replied, “No, I haven’t seen this you in 30 years.’ That hit me hard.”

“The luck thing, I shouldn’t be around,” Lange stated.

Artie also revealed that he’s working on a new book. “I wrote a fourth book in jail, it’s called Ripping and Running: Life on Drug Court. You can watch the entire NJ 101.5 interview with Artie Lange below.

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