Aussies Use Every Swear Word In Existence While Reacting To A School Bus-Sized Great White Shark

Sharks, man, they’re incredibly active right now. Just yesterday I came across this drone footage of a Great White Shark circling a kayaker in Monterey Bay just 5 miles away from last week’s fatal shark attack and now this clip comes from the other side of the world.

Spring is a transitional month with regards to water temperature and weather. The change in global temperatures brings the oceans to life with massive schools of baitfish getting hammered by pelagic species and apex predators worldwide appearing to suddenly wake up from Winter and look for a meal.

What I love the most about this clip of a truly gargantuan Great White Shark circling a fishing boat off Western Australia’s South West Coast is how these Aussies manage to use every swear word under the sun in a matter of seconds.

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This is exactly how I imagine every Aussie speaks on a fishing boat.

If for whatever reason you’re sensitive to profanity then this clip isn’t for you and you’ll probably want to jump ship now. That, or you can put the video on mute and behold one of the largest Great White Sharks you’ll ever see (h/t The Inertia for sharing this).

This has me remembering a few months back when a New Zealand surfer survived a Great White Shark attack by punching it in the eye and swearing at the shark. That’s just a straight-up wild encounter. It also wasn’t that long ago that this estimated 15-20-foot great white shark was spotted right off Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

If you’re really feeling the shark content today you should check out this clip of a Great White shark shaking a diver’s cage or this hammerhead shark destroying a fish.

Before you go, of you’re into fishing you should check out this clip I shared earlier today. It shows one of the hottest Kingfish fishing bites I’ve seen in a LONG time. One of those Kingfish got destroyed by a barracuda and they also catch a massive Hammerhead Shark.

Check it out!