There’s A Secret ‘Bandersnatch’ Ending Almost Nobody Found And It Might Be The Best One Yet

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There were a lot of rumors surrounding what was supposed to be a new season of Black Mirror, which was reportedly going to feature an episode that would allow viewers to choose their own adventure.

Following a leak, Netflix eventually revealed the new season wouldn’t be a season at all. Instead, we were treated to Bandersnatch, a full-length movie that allows viewers to take multiple paths by making a series of choices throughout the film.

I probably spent a solid three hours navigating the easter egg-filled Bandersnatch, which allows you to make a number of mundane decisions like what cereal to eat, what music to listen to, and whether or not to jump off of a building (one of those may be a bit more consequential than the others).

According to Netflix, there are five “official” endings to the movie but the director revealed there were a number of paths that were virtually impossible to access.

Thankfully, the platform was nice enough to hook us up with some inside info when they suggested viewers try out an option virtually nobody knew about before.

People who’d moved onto Bird Box mad some mixed reactions to the news.

If you’re not a fan of spoilers, I suggest you stop reading now. However, if you’re not in the mood for a rewatch, feel free to keep going.

If you choose this option, Jerome F. Davies— the author of the Bandersnatch book the main character’s video game is based on— will show up out of nowhere and stab Stefan.

According to Forbes, it doesn’t count as an “official” ending but it’s one of the most shocking ones that I’ve come across so far.

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