People Shared The Best Drinking Games You Probably Don’t Know And Some Of These Are Epic

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I thought that I was pretty well versed in all of the best drinking games around but I was wrong. My main staples have always been (in no particular order): Beer Pong, Never Have I Ever, Asshole, Kings, Bullshit, Chandeliers, Battleship Beer Pong, a Power Hour, ‘The Finger Game’ where everyone puts their finger on a pitcher of beer and tries to guess how many fingers people are going to remove on the count of three, and those are really all that are coming to mind right now but I’m sure there are a handful more. Below, a ton of people shared their favorite drinking games (via AskReddit) and shockingly I’ve never heard of a bunch of these. So I’d just like to take this opportunity to say ‘God Bless’ to the Internet for teaching me a ton of new games. Also, if you’ve got a drinking game you’d like to add here you can pop in the comments and/or hit me up on Twitter at @casspa and I’ll add it here if it’s good enough!

“Most likely to”:
Players take turns saying “most likely to get arrested,” “star in an adult film,” “fall for a pyramid scheme” etc. Everyone at the same time points to whomever they think would be most likely to do/be that thing. The person with the most fingers pointed toward them takes a drink. Repeat and enjoy. Tends to get more creative as the game goes on.

Apparently, there’s a website that exists solely to create random questions for this game named ‘Most Likely To Drink’ if you’re ever interested in playing this one.

The whisper game.

The group comes up with a question, and one is selected to answer it, but only to those who take a shot. If you don’t drink, you don’t get to learn the answer. So you can either feel left out or drink up and get your curiosity solved.

I’d be drinking every damn time. I’d have to know the answers.

We came up with a drinking game called ‘Bones’ in college. You take two dice and roll them. Even number – take a drink. Odd Number – Make a new rule.

It goes 0-60 pretty fast and the more creative the rules the better.

Basically, its spin the bottle and you have to look whoever it lands on straight dead serious in the eyes and say the weirdest dirtiest shit you can imagine. Whoever laughs drinks. One time my friend just started saying “I wanna peel an orange with your nipples” and we all died at just “I wanna peel an orange”

This one appears to be just a ‘rule’ to use in other games.

THE FOREHEAD MASTER – This is a similar rule to the thumb master but you use your forehead instead of your thumb. The last person to touch the table with their forehead has to drink. After a few drinks, people start slamming their heads and concussions start happening.

The Matrix Drinking Game:

Step 1: Put on the Matrix

Step 2: Drink every time Keanu Reeves looks confused

Step 3: Die.

One fun game I play at the bar is called Arrogance.

Things you need for this game is beer, an empty pitcher, and a deck of cards. Basically, you wager an amount of beer into an empty pitcher and then you pick red or black. If you’re right, the beer stays and the person next to you goes. If you’re wrong, you have to drink what’s in the pitcher. You also don’t stop going until you get the color right.

My friends and I do this to be drunk in an efficient amount of time. I once got caught at the end of 4 straight correct picks. It was a weird night to say the least.

This game is called
“What’s my problem”?
One person has to leave the room and the remaining people agree on what their most significant personal issue is.
The person returns to the room and has to guess that their problem is, drinking after each wrong answer.
I work too much?
I haven’t gotten over my ex?
I still depend on my parents?
Continue until blackout drunk or perfect self-awareness.

HGTV House Hunters has great material for taking shots. Or place your favorite hat on either corner of the tv, and every time someone on the screen is “wearing” it take a shot.

Listen to a Led Zeppelin album. Every time Robert Plant says “baby” or “woman” you take a shot.

“Bottles & Kegs” :-
Each player takes turns to say a consecutive number starting at 1,2,3 etc.
Players on a 5 or a multiple of 5 substitute their number for the word “Bottles” and play continues.
Players on a 7 or a multiple of 7 say “Kegs”, and the direction of play is reversed.
Whoever fucks up, drinks up, and it starts back at 1. 20 and 21 catch a lot of people out as consecutives, as does 35, (both bottles and kegs).

Cards against humanity, the ones whose card is not chosen drink a sip of whatever they have. The game becomes greater the longer it goes.

Last but not least, here’s a better/longer explanation of that ‘Fingers’ game I was talking about before:

Fingers. Step 1: obtain a large glass. Step 2: have all players pour some of what they are drinking into this glass, creating a hideous concoction, combining beers, hard liqueurs, wine, etc. Step 3: all players place a finger on the glass, taking turns, you say 1, 2, 3. Step 4: on the 3 count, players must remove their fingers or leave them touching the rim of the glass, While the person whose turn it is must guess the number of fingers remaining on the glass.

If correct, that player is out and safe. If wrong, the player remains and the next person takes a turn. This continues until 1 person remains and must chug the contents of the glass.

Example: with everyone touching the glass. Player A says: 1, 2, 3, fingers are removed or kept SEVEN. If 7 fingers remain on the glass, you “win” and are out / safe from the game.

Well, bros, that wraps up the coverage from my end but if you want to keep on reading these AskReddit stories you can CLICK HERE to see that thread in full! As always, you can drop your story/ideas/thoughts in the comment section down below.

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