Bill Nye Accidentally Walked In On Some Women Snapchatting In An Elevator, Handled It Like An Ace

bill nye women snapchatting bikinis

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Don’t you just hate when you’re in a mirrored elevator with a bunch of your friends in bathing suits and you’re just Snapchatting away when the doors open and Bill Nye the Science Guy is standing there?

Actually, no you don’t hate it if that happens because it’s Bill Nye the GD Science Guy!!

Which is exactly what happened to 22-year-old Savanah Prosch who, thank goodness, managed to capture the entire encounter on camera.

Speaking to Some eCards, Prosch had this to say about her incredible encounter with Bill Nye at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas…

“[Nye] shook our hands asked if we walked to take a picture, and that if so could we do it in the elevator,” she told us over Twitter DM. “My roommates said he would save the world. They wish he was president. He said thank, you shook our hands, and it was his stop.”

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They must have made an impression too because a couple days later Nye posted his own video with the caption, “Every good space conference starts with the elevator ride down. #IAC2017.”

Yes, he did, Savanah. Yes, he did.

Needless to say, folks on Twitter were overjoyed by this random encounter with their childhood hero…

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