Bloomberg News Reporter Quits Job, Marriage, And Freezes Her Eggs For Martin Shkreli Only To Get Ghosted By Him

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In a year filled with crazy twists and turns, Elle may have dropped the most bizarre story of the year.

According to Elle, former Bloomberg News reporter Chrystie Smith quit her job, divorced her husband, and froze her eggs for douchebag “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli who is now ghosting her while in jail.

Smythe was the first reporter to break the news of Shkreli’s arrest on fraud charges in December 2015. Smythe went on to document how she fell in love with Shkreli while visiting him in jail for interviews throughout the years.

Smythe quit her job when her editors felt she was being unprofessional in her coverage of Shkreli, and she then proceeded to divorce her husband not soon after.


In summer 2018, her editor summoned her to a conference room at Bloomberg headquarters. When she arrived, her editor and an HR rep sat waiting. They’d already warned her about her tweets regarding Shkreli, which she believed she’d complied with, though she continued tweeting about him some. Now her superiors told her that behavior was biased and unprofessional. Smythe understood their concern and quit on the spot, hugging her editor on her way out of the building. “Ms. Smythe’s conduct with regard to Mr. Shkreli was not consistent with expectations for a Bloomberg journalist,” the Bloomberg spokesperson says. “It became apparent that it would be best to part ways. Ms. Smythe tendered her resignation, and we accepted it.”

At home, Smythe’s stress over Shkreli and her now-uncertain work future compounded her problems with her husband. “I’m not going to say it was wrong for him to be concerned,” she says, but the fights got too sharp and too frequent. They’d been considering divorcing since the start of the year, and decided to move ahead.

After Smythe worried about being too old to have children when Shkreli got out of prison, he suggested she freeze her eggs. She did so last spring. Rita Cushenberry, who befriended Smythe while visiting her own boyfriend in prison, observed Smythe and Shkreli together there. “He has the biggest, warmest smile ever,” she says, and “it was a beautiful thing to see how her eyes would just light up.”

Elle’s story is incredibly long read but the anecdotes of Smythe sharing a passionate kiss with Shkreli in a room that smelled like chicken wings is well worth it.

Shkreli, who is not currently on speaking terms with Smythe, told Elle in a statement that “Mr. Shkreli wishes Ms. Smythe the best of luck in her future endeavors.”

After the story broke Smythe took to Twitter to defend her relationship with Shkreli.