The Brilliantly Dumb Show, Patreon And What To Expect Moving Forward

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Whether it’s golf vlogs, podcasts, or just day-to-day footage, it’s been a wild ride for The Brilliantly Dumb Show since coming on board at BroBible. The collab has led to sit-downs with names like Michael B. Jordan, Jordan Belfort, Steve-O, and many more. It’s been a dream as my best friends and I have been able to do things we have always wanted to do, and luckily we have caught just about all of it on film.

Here’s what to expect from The Brilliantly Dumb Show on Patreon:

Golf Vlogs

One extra golf vlog per week, from golfing with Johnny Drama to twilight times with Joey Cold Cuts. The cameras always rolling and we got more to give with one extra vlog on the way per week.

Monthly Happy Hour

Once a month myself and other characters from the show will be hosting a happy hour where we let it fly with some beverages in our hands. This is an experience to connect with the fans and get after it together.

One Additional Weekly Podcast

The regular banter and chaos just more of it on a weekly basis. From interviews, to comedy, to sports talk, we try and give a mix of it all.

Whether you want the extra content or not be sure to subscribe to The Brilliantly Dumb Show on YouTube and all other streaming platforms for the action on and off the course.


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