Buffalo Wild Wings Is Classing Things Up With A Hot Sauce Made With Real Truffles

buffalo wild wings spicy truffle sauce

iStockphoto / Buffalo Wild Wings

Around a decade ago, it was virtually impossible to walk into the kind of restaurant that served cocktails in Mason jars and had some witty joke about brunch on a chalkboard sign on the sidewalk without seeing at least one dish featuring truffles on the menu (assuming the Edison bulbs they used for lighting didn’t make it impossible to read the menu in the first place.)

I don’t think I even really knew what a truffle was when I first dropped $14 on a paper cone filled with french fries adorned with shavings, but I figured if people trained pigs to forage them in the woods before flipping then for an absurd amount of money, they had to be pretty damn good. Was it worth it? I don’t remember, so probably not, but that didn’t stop the delicacy from Having A Moment until falling out of favor when people started to discover most of the truffle oil that eventually became all the rage didn’t contain any actual truffles.

Nowadays, truffles are largely reserved for the kind of eating establishments that make you feel like you’re being judged by the sommelier for ordering the second-cheapest bottle of wine from a massive leather binder. As a result, I never expected to write the words “Buffalo Wild Wings is adding spicy sauce made with real truffles to its lineup,” but hey, here we are.

B-Dubs introduced a few new members to the family last fall, and for a limited time, they’re being joined by a new “Truffalo” creation, a buffalo sauce containing actual white truffles responsible for throwing a subtle layer of earthiness into the mix.

If you’re looking to class things up even more, Buffalo Wild Wings suggests pairing the truffle sauce with a Miller High Life, and while I never need an excuse to treat myself to the Champagne of Beers, I’d like to thank them for giving me one.