Burger King Debuting The ‘Whopper Donut’ For National Donut Day This Week

whopper donut

Burger King

National Donut Day is Friday, June 1st, and Burger King wants to get in on the beloved holiday. The only problem is that they don’t sell donuts. So they’re cheating. They’re punching holes in their Whoppers to make them appear as a donut. Burger King is calling this creation the “Whopper Donut.”

Burger King claims that the Whopper Donut is the “first flame-grilled donut ever” (it’s not Luther Burgers have been around for at least a decade). After the Whopper has a hole cut out of it, the remaining is served as a mini slider.

While it is round and has a hole in the middle, there is a problem — it isn’t a donut. While the Whopper Donut identifies as a donut, it is merely just a Whopper with a hole in it — a holey Whopper. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a donut as “a small usually ring-shaped piece of sweet fried dough.” The Whopper is ring-shaped, but is lacking the sweet fried dough part, you know, the most delicious part of a donut. If we’re being honest with each other, it’s more a bagel than a donut. Burger King missed the mark here, they should have totally made Whoppers with doughnut buns. I’d be all over that sweet and savory collaboration.

Burger King sort of admits that their Whopper Donut is not really a Whopper Donut. “Some of you might say it’s just a WHOPPER® sandwich with a hole cut in it, and you might be right. But, hey. If it has a donut hole in it, it’s a donut.”

The Whopper Donut is available this Friday, but only at five Burger King locations in the United States:

128 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.
1100 – 5th Street, Miami Beach, Flo.
1601 N. Hacienda Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif.
327 West 42nd Street, New York City, NY.
2450 S 1900 W, Salt Lake City, Utah

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