Chefs Revealed Their Secret Hangover Cures To Help Make The Day After Easier

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There have been a zillion and one hangover cures and remedies shared over the years. Heck, we’ve shared a whole bunch of them here ourselves. For some reason they all seem to work varying degrees of success. I guess what works for one person might not work for another. Plus I suppose it depends on what alcohol you were imbibing and how much to factor into the mix as well.

That being said, there’s no harm in continuing to search and try to find that magical hangover cure. And when it comes to food, who better to survey about which culinary creation is best to treat a hangover than some professional chefs? Which is exactly what the folks over at Esquire did and came up with 14 new remedies that might finally just do the trick.

Here’s what they came up with…

Chef 1. Espresso and Cold Brew — plus you have to eat an egg sandwich.

Chef 2. Michelada and an Egg Sandwich — starting to see a trend here.

Chef 3. A Joint (and Other Things) — this is Anthony Bourdain’s cure, which also includes some spicy Szechuan food, aspirin and Coca Cola.

Chef 4. Another vote for a Michelada — supposedly this works better than a Bloody Mary.

Chef 5. Sweet Tea — but if it’s really bad, go with Michelada or Red Eye (beer and Bloody Mary).

Chef 6. Powdered Green Smoothie — the cocoa powder and mint make a soothing combo.

Chef 7. The Daywalker — i.e. Mexican Coca-Cola, espresso, lime juice, simple syrup and bitters.

Chef 8. Mezcal Bloody Mary — Mezcal settles your stomach, but not if you drink it straight!

Chef 9. Juice and Squirt Soda — preferably apple, beets and kale juice.

Chef 10. Shellfish Broth — with tons of buttered bread and maybe a poached egg.

Chef 11. Harvey Wallbanger — from Juice Press.

Chef 12. Green Goddess Juice — it’s kale, apples, fennel, cucumber, celery, lemon, and ginger – basically a salad in a glass.

Chef 13. Breakfast Concoction — breakfast ingredients like eggs and OJ, plus some dried red chili, reworked into drink form.

Chef 14. Iced Coffee — ’nuff said.

Check out all the hows, whys and even some recipes for all of these hangover cures over at Esquire.

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