People Are Going Nuts Over The Fact These Insanely Realistic Drawings Are Somehow Not Photos

Chiamonwu Joy Hyper-realistic art drawings


23-year-old Nigerian artist Chiamonwu Joy creates what is known as hyper-realistic art, and no joke, her graphite and charcoal drawings look JUST LIKE photos. And they are blowing the internet’s collective mind.

The drawings themselves, as ridiculously amazing as they are, and they are, might not even be the most amazing part of Chiamonwu Joy’s story. While she says she’s been drawing since she was 7-years-old, she didn’t study art, and she only began drawing professionally three years ago!

Here, just look at this…

That’s got to be a photo, right? Wrong.


Joy tells Metro

‘For a big artwork, it takes me about one month to complete. For a medium or small canvas, it can take up to two or three weeks. I decide who and what to draw by how much I am moved and fascinated by the subject or object. How much it speaks to me on a personal, spiritual and creative level. All my artworks tell a story.’

Here are a few more samples of her astounding work.

Now do you understand why the internet is struggling to deal with this woman and her art? A tweet she posted recently showing a couple of her drawings has, of this writing, around 83,000 retweets and almost 190,000 likes.

Yes, she is.

H/T Metro

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