Chris Evans Ranked Different Types Of Potato Chips And An Infinity War Broke Out On Twitter

Chris Evans Ranked Types Potato Chips Twitter

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Want to start a war on Twitter? Make a controversial statement about food. It can be about french fries, hot dogs, bread, bacon (especially bacon), ice cream, it doesn’t matter, people will have “thoughts” and will share them… boisterously.

Now I don’t know if Captain America Chris Evans was actually aware of this fact. He is pretty savvy when it comes to Twitter, so I am betting that he knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to rank all of the chips in one of those Lays variety packs.

Evans went with (1) Cool Ranch Doritos, (2) Cheetos, (3) Nacho Cheese Doritos, (4) Fritos, (4) BBQ Lays, and (5) Original Lays, adding, “I will not be taking questions.”

Too bad, because as is always the case when it comes to opinions on food people on Twitter did, in fact, have questions and opinions. Many, many questions and opinions.

Even some other famous people like Monica Lewinsky, Danielle Fishel, and Questlove had to get in on the discussion because they all follow each other on social media, don’t you know?

And on it went…

After all the commotion, and almost a full day later, Evans did end up answering one question… from Octavia Spencer (Hollywood…).

By the way, Evans wasn’t lying about his love for Cool Ranch Doritos.

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