Chrissy Teigen Stumbled Upon A Naked Dating Show On TV So Of Course She Live-Tweeted It

chrissy teigen live tweeted naked dating show

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Chrissy Teigen and her family are in the United Kingdom as her husband John Legend is performing several gigs over there this month.

Which means that Chrissy has a little free time on her hands when she isn’t busy tending to their daughter Luna.

Of course, you can’t stay in a hotel without watching a little television while you’re there, which is what Teigen was doing when she stumbled upon the Channel 4 show Naked Attraction.

Here’s how Wikipedia describes the show…

Naked Attraction is a British dating game show in which a clothed person selects two contestants from six naked people, whose bodies and then faces are revealed in stages from the feet up. The person deciding then appears nude to select one of them for a fully clothed date. The programme then presents their feedback after the date.

Amazing, right? Well, Chrissy being the queen of Twitter that she is simply had to share this revelation with her followers in the form of live-tweeting her discovery.

[protected-iframe id=”5d691f754bc34330b6afb8ebdd6e674a-97886205-92827192″ info=”” width=”480″ height=”269″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

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Unfortunately, that’s where the story ended because Chrissy’s room service arrived and despite telling her 7.28 million Twitter followers she was watching the show she didn’t want the delivery person to see her doing it.

[protected-iframe id=”dda881a3dd56715fd12114188a9044ca-97886205-92827192″ info=”” width=”480″ height=”268″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

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