Tone Deaf Queen Chrissy Teigen Threw A Lavish ‘Squid Game’ Party, Twitter Reacts

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  • Chrissy Teigen and John Legend threw a lavish Squid Game party at their Los Angeles mansion.
  • The entire point of Squid Game, though, is to criticize excessive capitalism.
  • As a result, Twitter has been shredding Teigen and Legend for their tone deafness.

Y’all have seen Squid Game by now, right? I sure hope so. Even my Grandma has seen it at this point. In my half-a-decade of covering pop culture, it’s one of the most remarkable success stories I’ve ever seen, as it went from being unheard of to becoming the world’s biggest series.

And you know what everyone who has seen Squid Game is aware of? That it’s a scathing criticism and indictment of capitalism. Everyone except Chrissy Teigen, apparently, who decided it was a good idea to host a Squid Game-themed party with all of her rich friends.

Naturally, the internet has been shredding Teigen for her stunning levels of tone-deafness, as throwing a Squid Game party with her rich friends is pretty much EXACTLY what Squid Game was critiquing in the first place. Then again, if memory serves me correctly, this is the same woman who attempted to walk away from Twitter due to its toxicity, only to later be exposed for bullying someone on Twitter.

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The first season of Squid Game is currently streaming on Netflix, with a second season already being confirmed by its creator. If you decide to check it out, at least attempt to comprehend its message.

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