Chrissy Teigen Savagely Trolled Her Non-Baseball Fan Husband For Being Front Row At The World Series

chrissy teigen trolled husband john legend world series

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Chrissy Teigen doesn’t know much about sports, even though she once jokingly considered buying a sports team and asked the Seattle Mariners to rename their park after her.

But she probably knows more about sports than her husband John Legend, at least according to the troll job she did on him Thursday night.

You see, Legend and his friend, fashion photographer Mike Rosenthal, were at the World Series and because he’s John Legend he had front row seats. Naturally, this being Los Angeles he was caught on camera high-fiving his friend in celebration of something.

What they were celebrating, we don’t know, and Legend might not either as Teigen shared the photo on her Instagram with the caption, “*watches baseball once* #pinotgrigio #grigioboys #chocolatecroissants #baseballfanatics #aleagueoftheirown #bleedblue.”

Hilarious. This must be the game she’s referring to, I bet.

Now Teigen could have just stopped there. It was a very solid burn. But rather than call it good, she continued her trolling onslaught.

“I’m dying. No one in the world knows less about baseball than these two,” she captioned this photo before adding one more to the pile.

Nailed it.

Then, as it does, the internet decided to pile on…

I don’t know which couple I am more jealous of these days, Teigen and Legend or Reynolds and Lively. Either way, they’re both #RelationshipGoals.