Coca-Cola Is Launching Their First Alcoholic Drink Ever

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Despite being founded in 1892, Coca-Cola has never made an alcoholic drink. They may have had other special ingredients such as coca leaves (which is what cocaine is derived from), but they have never made an alcoholic beverage until now. Coca-Cola announced that they are making their first alcoholic drink, but it will only be available in Japan.

Coca-Cola’s first-ever alcoholic drink will be their take on Chu-Hi or chūhai, a canned low-alcohol beverage that is popular in Japan, especially among women. The Chu-Hi is made from the shōchū spirit, which is “typically distilled from rice (kome), barley (mugi), sweet potatoes (satsuma-imo), buckwheat (soba), or brown sugar (kokutō).” The alcopop is a slightly spiked carbonated water that has a 3% to 8% alcohol by volume. The alcoholic drink typically comes in fruity flavors such as lime, lemon, grapefruit, apple, orange, pineapple, grape, kyoho grape, kiwi, lychee, peach, and strawberry cream.

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