This Conspiracy Theory Exposing Tom Hanks’ SNL Monologue As A ‘Complete Lie’ Is A Roller Coaster


If you thought the most surprising thing to come out of Tom Hanks’ at-home monologue for Saturday Night Live was his underwhelming kitchen, you obviously haven’t been paying attention you mindless sheep.

Because if your eyes were open, you’d see that Hanks is a pedo with multiple accusers who has made multiple trips to Epstein Island and has been caught up trying to expose the cabal (Hollywood pedo ring). Open your eyes, sheeple.

That is the undying belief of self-proclaimed conspiracy realist and host of the No Mercy podcast, Tommy G.

Tommy spent the majority of Monday night convincing his 87,000 followers that Hanks’ appearance on SNL was “at best a complete lie and at worst it wasn’t even him.”

Let’s preface this by revealing that three days before it became public that Tom Hanks was infected with coronavirus, Tommy G recorded an entire podcast claiming Hanks to be a pedo and murderer of actor Isaac Kappy.

Buckle up, folks.

The thread begins with the following statement:

We have 100 anomalies w/ Hanks already in the last month: bar code on door, photoshopped cup on plate in AUS, Wife posting Cryptic stuff, Son losing his damn mind, social media disappearance, plane pics, etc. Now out of NOWHERE he pops up to host SNL?

It then attempts to expose the sketchy aspects of Hanks’ SNL video:

1)The Kitchen!? 2)Symbolic Comments!? 3)Prison Haircut!? 4)Physical Anomalies!?

Does he succeed?

Ok, the hair and the hands thing got me drinking the Kool-Aid. I don’t know what to believe about America’s Dad anymore.

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