Daily Visuals: The Most Stunner Toyota 4Runner Pics You’ll Ever Experience


Not gonna lie: I’ve had an unhealthy obsessed with Toyota TRD vehicles for years. Growing up, well before the era of Toyota’s badass TRD vehicles, my grandfather – a modest man, by all means – had an ’82 Toyota truck that he put over 200,000 miles on. Practically ran the thing into the ground. He’d still have it if he didn’t wear through the seats and patch up the upholstery for the umpteenth time. What it lacked in power it made up for in overall durability.

When he upgraded to a Tacoma in the early ’00s, it was a bit of a revelation: Compared to his ’80s utility truck, the Tacoma had power. After kickin’ around on a 4-cylinder, a modern Tacoma changed his driving style – Suddenly basic landscaping chores like getting mulch or taking the mower to the shop were monster truck rides AND IT WAS AWESOME. We took that thing everywhere – To the beach, deep into the Pennsylvania mountains, moving into apartments in college, moving into apartments in New York City. Tacos ruled.

Anyway, Toyota’s TRD SUVs and trucks really are built for adventure, of all shapes and sizes. 4Runners and Tacos are practically tanks – the ultimate Weekend Warrior vehicle, through and through.

Which gets me to my point: I’M SO, SO, SO EXCITED to feature today’s photographer in our new adventure photography column, called BroBible‘s Daily Visuals. Today we’re featuring JT, the photographic genius behind one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @storm.runner.

JT manages to snap some INCREDIBLE pics os his white, 2015 Toyota 4Runner Trail out in the wild, often in the western desert nights and mountains. It’s one of those rare Instagram accounts that makes you want to throw all your belongs in an immaculately engineered 4Runner and escape civilization for a couple days.

Anyway… I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. I was thrilled that he wanted to participate in our new Daily Visuals column around here. I think it’s something that’s really going to bring the BroBible community together in badassness and we’re all about that around here.

As I said yesterday: We really want BroBible to be a digital destination that inspire wanderlust and adventure, so I can’t think of a better way to promote that ethos than by featuring the people capturing the world behind a camera. If you’d like to be featured in our daily showcase, please drop me an e-mail: brandon@brobible.com or DM BroBible on InstagramTwitter is cool too.

About JT, in his own words: 

Name’s JT. Amateur photographer, professional explorer. Always looking for adventure…


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Instagram – 4Runner Pics

Instagram – Adventure Pics 


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