Deadpool’s Best Tweets From Live-Tweeting The Super Bowl Are Hilarious

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Last night was the biggest night of the year for brands, even the ones who didn’t buy insanely expensive Super Bowl television ads. Instead, a lot of brands rely on social media to leverage the big game for their business growth.

Last night was full of teasers and trailers, including Mission Impossible, Cloverfield Paradox, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Jurassic Park but Deadpool decided to live-tweet the game for everyone’s enjoyment. And the tweets were absolutely incredible, from making fun of Tom Brady to testical references – the Deadpool Super Bowl tweets are absolutely perfect.

It all started when Deadpool made fun off Fox for not buying an ad and “making him” live tweet the game instead:

Then he weighed in on all of the pre-game festivities, in the most Deadpool-y way possible… commenting on P!nk’s performance and a picture of a Deadpool 69-Coin (I want one of those coins, by the way) for the coin toss:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Super Bowl tweet-storm if they didn’t reference Tom Brady being a superhero. This was well done though, Brady’s cut and Deadpool’s self-healing power:

Tweets about sex stuff? Of course, check:

Witty drug references? Check:

Tweets about protected intellectual property? Check:

Tweets about taking a shit? Check:

And check:

And check:

Of course, many ball jokes were made:

The biggest wildcard? This amazingly-bad John Cougar Mellencamp x Zack Ertz tweet:


Brands that live-tweet major events like the Super Bowl can really be hit-or-miss but I’d say Deadpool nailed it. Consistently funny and exactly as you’d expect from the Deadpool character, without tweeting too much or too little during the game.