OK, Which One Of You Donated 5 Pounds Of Weed To A Thrift Shop And Why?

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You can find some truly bizarre shit at thrift shops. But you rarely find something you really, really want. But that was not the case at the Pines Thrift Store in Sarasota, Florida last week. A generous soul donated nearly five pounds of weed. And who says there are not real angels walking among us?

The weed Samaritan dropped off a gray plastic storage bin near the clothing drop-off area outside the store. When employees of the thrift store opened up the tote they found four vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana inside that weighed 4.7 pounds.

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The street value of the sticky-icky was said to be worth an estimated $5,400.

The hot box of weed was handed over to the Sarasota Police. Didn’t anyone ever tell these people to never look a gift horse in the mouth?

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No arrests have been made yet. The Sarasota Police Department is reviewing surveillance footage and sent the bags to get tested for DNA to get more clues on who the mystery marijuana belongs to.

If you see a message from the Sarasota Police for the owner of the marijuana to come to the police station to “claim” the weed, you might want to think twice about doing so. Just saying.

The Pines Thrift Store “provides funding for our family of residents in assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care residences.”

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So the donation was to help old people. C’mon cops, have a heart. These weed angels were only trying to assist some old geezers suffering from glaucoma.

Family Guy was right again, everything is better with a bag of weed, even a thrift shop.

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