Dietitian Explains The Dumb Eating Habits That Might Be Sabotaging Your Running

We Run This #10


Nick and I have different approaches to eating. Nick runs to specifically eat whatever the hell he wants. I’m a little more strict with my diet because I feel like crap when I’m running if I eat like crap when I’m not running.

So, we enlisted the help of an expert to talk about what we’re doing right and wrong when it comes to fueling our bodies.

Gina Capone is studying nutrition at Rowan University and on a path to get her Master’s Degree.

Besides chronicling her insane running times on her personal Instagram account, Gina runs a “fuel for athletes” account (@freshfuelingfoodie) dedicated to awesome food that won’t sabotage gains.

Gina discusses nutrition with Nick and I, reviewing the best times to eat, what not to eat before and after runs, and how to avoid constantly eating all day after a long run.


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