Philadelphians Are Roasting ESPN On Twitter For Messing Up How To Make A Proper Cheesesteak


As a fan of NFC East football, it doesn’t get any better than tonight’s Monday Night Matchup: Birds vs. Skins, live from the Linc. Philly looks dominate after a Thursday night primetime win over Carolina. The Skins are 2nd in the division, coming off a close win against a very bad 49ers squad.

To hype the game, ESPN did a little table top video about how to make a proper Philly Cheesesteak from the comfort of your own kitchen. But almost nothing about it was authentic to how you really make a cheesesteak a la the iconic spots like Dalessandro’s Steaks and Hoagies, Chubby’s, and Sonny’s Famous Steaks.

As 700 Level notes, it looks like they made fajitas and melted some cheese on the top. They totally missed how the key is the meats slowing marinating together for a long, long time on a greasy flat top:

Fortunately, very woke Philly Twitter is letting the World Wide Leader have at it:

Really craving a cheesesteak now. Food fuel of Rocky Balboa.

Go Birds.