‘Fake Drake’ Gets Publicly Embarrassed After Getting Kicked Out Of Club By Security In Front Of Everyone

Fake Drake

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  • ‘Fake Drake’ impersonator went viral after FaceTiming Drake on social media.
  • A Houston DJ recognized ‘Fake Drake’ and him kicked him out of the club. .
  • Drake liked the video of his impersonator getting embarrassed by the Houston DJ.

It’s been a bad few weeks for celebrity impersonators.

Just last week, we saw ‘ Fake Klay Thompson’ get a lifetime ban from the Chase Center after fooling security and shooting hoops on the court before an NBA Finals game.

When Drake dropped his latest album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” his impersonator went viral when he FaceTimed the superstar rapper on Instagram.

Unfortunately for “Fake Drake,” a Houston DJ recognized him, and security kicked him out of the club.

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