23-Year-Old Woman Crushed 2 Beer Cans, Florida Man Said She Then ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin My Ass’

Florida man says a woman crushed two beer and the proceeded to "Stone Cold Steve Austin my ass."

Getty Image / Jamie McCarthy / Staff

There have been ZERO days since a weird news story has come out of Florida. In fact, Florida only made it six hours since The Sunshine State’s last odd news story. But the latest weird Florida crime story is somehow even weirder.

We take you to Fort Pierce, Florida, where one domestic dispute involving the infamous Florida man ended in a bizarre manner. A 23-year-old woman was apparently having a good time on Saturday afternoon and allegedly indulging in some adult beverages. Perhaps she over imbibed in alcohol and her roommate or boyfriend made a comment that angered her.

Chastity Bodnar and 26-year-old Coty Lee Havens got into a physical altercation. Chastity and Coty, how could this not end terribly? Coty said Chastity that “got upset when he told her that she drinks too much” according to Fort Pierce Police.

Chastity allegedly got “enraged” over the comment. Chastity then “threw her phone at him striking him in the throat.” But its HER phone? Why is she throwing HER phone? Havens allegedly tried to defuse the tense situation by walking out of the house and surrendering to the attached garage.

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Chastity followed him into the garage “took two beer cans” and “crushed” them. No word on whether she ate a chili cheese dog with onions before the two beers.

But did she shotgun the beers?

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Coty said Chastity “went crazy on him” and proceeded to “Stone Cold Steve Austin my ass.” But did she give him a Stone Cold stunner?

Havens told police that he had no choice but to pin Bodnar to the ground until officers arrived at the residence.

“I observed two beer cans in the garage that appeared to be crushed in the general vicinity of where incident occurred,” a sheriff’s deputy reported in the police report.

Bodnar was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and booked into the county jail. In a strange plot twist, Coty was also arrested because he was fighting with the police officers who rushed to the scene to save him from the domestic disturbance situation. What an ungrateful jerk. Coty and Chastity were spent the night in jail and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

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