Former Airline Employee On TikTok Reveals What You Should NOT To Do When Flying

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A former airline employee on TikTok has revealed something you should not do when you are flying even though it goes against what you might think you should do.

Most everyone, when booking a flight with a layover, chooses the shortest possible time between flights. Which makes perfect sense. Why wants to sit around an airport waiting for your next flight?

Well, according to a former airline employee on TikTok, that is a mistake.

TikToker Megan Homme, who has built a following of over 370,000 on the platform with her travel-related videos, says, “As a former airline employee, here’s why I would never book the shortest possible layover.

“It’s pretty common for flights to get delayed, say 15, 20 minutes.

“If you book a 45 minute layover and your first flight gets delayed at all you’re probably not going to make it.

“And don’t necessarily think, ‘I’ll just get on the next flight.’

“Because that flight might be full.”

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Many viewers of Homme’s video, many of whom are obviously interested in these sort of tips or are familiar with the topic, strongly agreed.

“LOL it’s such a short layover cause sometimes the next flight doors close 15 minutes before departure,” one viewer commented, to which Homme replied, “They always do!!”

“I like when the options they give you include a 20-30 minute layover,” another person wrote. “”Even if the flight is ON TIME, you won’t make that.”

“What about an 1 hr and 40 mins?” someone asked, to which she replied, “That’s ideal!!”

“When I was young… I was playing in the danger zone.. 30 min layovers,” another viewer replied.

“I would risk it all,” someone else wrote, to which Megan replied, “I respect it.”

Some other flying tips she has shared on TikTok include her rules for winter travel and more things she would never do.

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