Friends And Family Enjoy Full-Scale Tailgate Party At Hospital Parking Lot Waiting For Birth Of Baby

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our world upside down, especially at hospitals. In many places, loved ones are prohibited from entering the hospital to provide comfort and support to family members undergoing medical procedures. There have even been cases where the father-to-be is banned from the hospital room as the wife gives birth and welcomes their child into the world. A group of astute friends and family understood that they wouldn’t be allowed into the hospital while their loved one gave birth so they made the best of the situation by throwing an all-out tailgate in the hospital parking lot. Talk about taking lemons and making lemon drop Jello shots.

Welcome to Cumming, Georgia, where tailgating is done before football games and before human births. A young woman by the name of Bailey allegedly had a baby shower on February 27, which was held in the nick of time because by 4 am on February 28, Bailey’s water broke. Friends and family who may have indulged in a few too many adult beverages at the baby shower found themselves having to sober up to welcome the new addition to the fam.

But human births usually take a long time, so what is the family and friends to do? Setup a legit tailgate party in the parking lot of Northside Hospital Forsyth. Genius! Not going anywhere for a while? Grab a beer and a brat. The tailgate was complete with alcohol, snacks, pizza, and those foldable chairs that are kind of comfortable but not really, but still better than sitting on a curb for three hours.

By 4:29 pm, future aunts were pounding shots in the hospital parking lot. Looks like the baby had better get used to the smell of rumchata on his aunt’s lips.

With no baby in sight at 6:48 pm, Aunt Trish was pounding beers.

Finally at 8:58 pm, baby Colton was born. As Not The Bee shrewdly pointed out, there was a Lion King-esque moment where the newborn was raised for all to gawk at.

Let’s just hope that Aunt Trish didn’t shower the baby with a cascade of White Claw-induced vomit.

Congrats to the new parents of the bouncing baby boy, and God bless Georgia.