This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Death Pool Is The Perfect Way To Raise The Stakes For The Last Season

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It’s been 515 days since we were last treated to a new episode of Game of Thrones, and after a seemingly eternal wait, the end of winter will finally arrive this spring when the last season kicks off on April 14th.

HBO went to some pretty great lengths to prevent leaks after the seventh season of Game of Thrones was plagued by spoilers, and while some actors have been nice enough to provide us with some hints, they’re among the lucky few who know who will ultimately win the game for the throne.

Over the course of the ongoing drought, thirsty fans have come up with an impressive number of theories in an attempt to predict how things will ultimately play out, and if you happen to buy into a particular one, you can potentially get a good return on your investment if you can find someone who’s willing to let you wager on the outcome.

However, if you can’t, there’s also a slightly more cynical way to make some cash.

On Wednesday, a Reddit user posted a picture of a death pool his Cool Boss created in preparation for the final season.

Any employee willing to put $10 on the line receives a list of virtually every remaining character on the show and is tasked with predicting their final fate, with one point rewarded for each correct guess (there are also a few bonus questions to help pad your score).

The guy who posted the picture was also nice enough to upload a file of the document so you can get your April Madness on if you’re so inclined.

What a bro.

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