Guy’s Girlfriend Recaps ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ From Memory After Only Seeing It Once

Memory works in interesting ways. I can barely remember my immediate family’s birthdays but can flawlessly recall my grandma’s address from the early 1990s, or remember what the weather was like on my first day of Spring Break in 8th grade.

The vague-to-acute details our brains choose to store in memory sometimes have no rhyme or reason and that’s on display here when this dude filmed his girlfriend recalling Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back from memory. She’d only seen it once but she still does a much better job than I would.

I haven’t watched ESB in years but I’ve still seen it quite a few times and she manages to pull out details I didn’t remember. This isn’t the first time this couple’s done this either. This is the second installment in the original trilogy and she also recalled A New Hope straight from memory. I’ve included that clip as well down below if you’re interested:

I can’t really pinpoint what about this is keeping my attention. Maybe my brain needs some easy-watching after a long weekend and I’m not ready to process high-brow content yet today. Or perhaps this really is a genius idea for YouTube.

Here’s the first installment, the one where she recalls Star Wars: A New Hope straight from memory.

Brilliant work here. I’m eagerly awaiting the rest of the franchise to be done.