Expert: Government Knows More About Mass UFO Sighting Over Marine Base, But Won’t Release Data

ufo sighting over marine base


Earlier this week, documentary filmmaker and expert on UFOs Jeremy Corbell shared footage of a 2021 mass UFO sighting witnessed by more than 50 people.

Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp discussed this footage on the latest episode of their Weaponized podcast.

“As this imagery and video is coming in, I started asking people.” Corbell recalled. “I started reaching out to everybody I knew that could know somebody that was on the ground at that time. And as the imagery and video came in it was corroborated. Different angles, same event, this is what I would call a mass sighting. It was more than 50 people that I personally know were staring up and looking at this object at one time. It resembled to me, like the ‘Phoenix Lights,’ how you see that perfect v-shaped row of lights.”

Jeremy Corbell has since added that he believes evidence surrounding the UFO footage taken at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Camp Wilson in California is being covered up by the US military and government.

Speaking to TMZ Live on Wednesday, Corbell said, “So check it out, this is really simple. This is an active investigation. We’re trying to crowdsource to get more information. What happened was there was these lights that were in the sky and I first thought they were flares. This was two years ago, but all the Marines that I’ve spoken with said they could see the body of the craft. You can hear that in the audio. So they’re telling me there was a triangular-shaped craft and you can see that in that low light image.

“So I’ve been doing my best to get information and I want the world now to kind of embrace this. There’s a lot of talk of these are just flares and we’re trying to figure that out, but all the witnesses say they saw a huge triangular-shaped craft.

“They actually shot up illumination flares to try to highlight that craft at that time. There were training exercises going on at the time, but not on every night. So this is something that everybody’s trying to figure out what is this? What did they see?”

Back in March, Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett claimed the United States government has alien tech in its possession and that it is currently being reverse-engineered.

In January, Burchett said about the Pentagon’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), or UFOs, “This thing is a huge cover up, for whatever reason. And I just feel like America is ready, we need to know, and to stop with all the shenanigans.”

Considering the mass UFO sighting took place just a little over two years ago, Corbell points out, “It was actually over the military base. That’s why there’s got to be a whole bunch of data that’s not being released and not being properly reported.

He continued, “So this is on a military base, there’s 50 people right here watching it, I have tons of videos from different angles. Again, the dark imagery doesn’t show much, but that image of the low light, it shows what they are telling me was there, the body of the craft.”

Corbell then says, “There’s got to be more people with video and information of this and the base is not being forthcoming so that’s the idea. Let’s see who comes forward now.”

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