‘Stranger Things’ Actress Pursuing Twitch Over Hollywood After Producer’s Inappropriate Request

Grace van Dien at the Stranger Things Season 4 premiere

Getty Image / ANGELA WEISS / AFP

Actress Grace Van Dien had a breakout role in Season 4 of Stranger Things.

She only appeared in 3 episodes of the first half of the season as ‘Chrissy Cunningham‘, but a perusal of YouTube shows her small but impactful part is being used as a masterclass for how to get an audience to care about a character in a hurry.

After Grace Van Dien’s name was everywhere following Stranger Things season 4, fans realized she actually has 30+ acting credits (on IMBD). Her acting credits include both TV and film and 6 projects in 2022 alone.

Grace Van Dien’s fans also discovered that she is a Twitch streamer under the name ‘BlueFille‘ with 285K+ followers. She primarily plays Valorant on her stream but also does Fortnite, according to Dexerto.

During a recent stream, Grace Van Dien revealed that she’s focusing on Twitch streaming over acting in Hollywood.

The reason she gave for this career decision is an inappropriate sexual request from one of the producers on a recent project of hers.

She said “The fact of the matter is, (during the last few projects I’ve worked on, I didn’t have the best experiences with some of the people I had to work for. And with streaming, I get to choose who I hang out with, who I talk to, etcetera etcetera.

Grace Van Dien then told her audience about a deeply inappropriate experience on a recent project. She said “one of the last movies I did, one of the producers asked me to… He hired a girl that he was sleeping with and then he had her ask me to have a threesome with them.

Adding “So, like, that’s my boss. And I didn’t. And I cried. And I was so upset.

The video can be seen here on Twitch.

Notably, Grace Van Dien doesn’t name names when it comes to the producer or the project. She does, however, specify that it was a film she worked on.

A few minutes ago on Twitter, she clarified that she’s not done with acting forever. She is just older now and more discerning with her projects:

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